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Thursday 19 September 2019

Why to invest in MGB

The logistical benefits and advantages relating to:    

    Good traffic connections of the area through the pan-European corridors 8 and 10, and relatively developed road infrastructure,
    Proximity to the logistics center at the airport Alexander the Great,
    Proximity to rail transportation hub to industrial zones in MGB – Skopje,
    Proximity of bonded warehouses and terminals, which are located on the territory of the MGB,
    Most of the domestic and foreign international carriers and freight forwarders are located in MGB along with distribution centers and warehouses,
    New industrial zone plan with transportation terminal locations, distribution centers, warehouses and stores, as well as clean unpolluted light industry,
    Proximity of logistics ports in Thessaloniki, Durres, Bar and Burgas to cheaper transportation (whether for import of raw materials or export of finished products),
    Already existed main primary gas pipeline spread over MGB,
    Developed an energy network that allows rapid electrification of the area,
    Developed a telecommunication network with a large competitive telecommunications services.

Market advantages and benefits relating to:  

  Free access to a market of 650 million consumers in the EU and CEFTA
   Low inflation rate which ranges from 1 to 3.9% annually,
   Currency and price stability,
   Stable banking and financial sector
   Low budget deficit of 2.5% of GDP of RM
   Trade deficit of 22% of GDP of RM
   The favorable labor market
   Liberalized 44 % of the energy market,
  Liberalized foreign trade,

Business advantages and benefits relating to:    

    The initial price of 1 euro to purchase state-owned construction land through the system of e-auctions
   Compensation for the regulation of the land by a factor of 0.05 for following purposes of urban classes (Official Gazette No.93, p. 43-44, on 11 July 2011.) :
         G2 - easy polluting industry,
         G3 - services,
         G4 - warehouses,
         B5 - catering and tourist complexes, hotel complexes resorts and
         A4 - hotel, motel, mountain home and house hunting
    Deadline for obtaining approval for construction of 9 months from the date of solemnization of the contract for sale of state-owned construction land,
    The deadline for the start of construction of the second category under the law
        For starting with building is two years,
         for completion of buildings is ten years,
   The lowest flat tax profit of 10%,
    The lowest flat income tax of 10%,
    0% tax on reinvested profits
    Fast company registration within three days
    Competitive labor for an average 497 euros / month gross salary,
   Significantly reduced costs for social security contributions,

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