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Sunday 15 December 2019


The Municipality of Gazi Baba is founded on 3rd November 1976. Located in the heart of the most industrial part of the city, the municipality of Gazi Baba has a long standing tradition in pharmacy, metal industry, metallurgy, food industry, wine and beer industry, logistics, trade, thanks to better communications and closer links to all urban centers in the SEE region, at the crossroad of European Corridors 8 (E65 East - West, Varna - Sofia - Skopje - Tirana - Durres) and 10 (E75 South - North, Athens - Thessaloniki - Skopje - Belgrade - Zagreb - Munich), close to the round-about and the industrial zone, 15 km away from Alexander the Great international airport.

The Municipality of Gazi Baba is an industrial, educational and communication center in the City of Skopje.

According to the records of the Central Registry of Macedonia, there are over 2600 registered businesses at the municipality’s territory.

Apart from competing with other SEE centers for innovative technology and industries such as the automotive industry, information and communication technologies - ICT, pharmaceutical and medical technology, biotechnology, agribusiness and food industry, mechanical and processing industry, energy, construction and mineral resources, the advantage of the Municipality of Gazi Baba is its specific location – a gateway to the North and South, East and West through the traffic and transport corridors 8 and 10, the developed business infrastructure and the long standing tradition in domestic and foreign investments. Because of this, the Municipality of Gazi Baba has been recognized as the ideal location for developing high-tech industries, modern service companies, as well as manufacture and food industry in the country.

There are four faculties of the State University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, a private FON University, 11 elementary schools, a school for children with special needs, five state high schools and a private Yahya Kemal school, dormitories, a private hospital, two polyclinics, dozens of primary health care centers, pharmacies, bank branches and post offices.

GAZI BABA municipality is a communication and transport gateway, along which all transport and communication corridors are passing, making the City of Skopje an economic, administrative and social center of the entire country.

The GDP in Macedonia is continually growing, where as MGB, as the largest industrial municipality in the Republic of Macedonia and part of the capital city, is creating a significant portion of the GDP of the country.

A significant part (10 km) of the Skopje Ring Road is passing through the municipality of Gazi Baba. “Alexander the Great” Airport is within 15 km distance.

Your investment expenses in Gazi Baba will be significantly lower than those in the large urban areas of Southeastern Europe, hence, these centers will be easy accessible.


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