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Wednesday 20 February 2019


Culture & Leisure

The cultural attractions of Skopje and Skopje’s region, where is located municipality of Gazi Baba, offer an extensive range of museums, art galleries, fortress, churches and religious sanctuaries,  neighbourhoods  & villages, natural landmarks, squares & plazas well-kept and open to the public thanks to constant maintenance and restoration work by public and private institutions.

Skopje is among Europe's most entertaining and eclectic small capital cities. With a government construction spree in recent years, Skopje's new abundance of statuary, bridges, museums and other structures has visitors' cameras snapping like never before and has defined the ever-changing city.

Yet plenty survives from earlier times – Skopje's Ottoman- and Byzantine-era wonders include the 15th-century Kameni Most (Stone Bridge), Čaršija (old Turkish bazaar), Sveti Spas Church, with its ornate, hand-carved iconostasis, and Tvrdina Kale Fortress, Skopje's guardian since the 5th century, open air museum Tumba Madzari from Neolithic era . And, with its bars, clubs and galleries, the city has modern culture too.
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Relax &Entertainment

Leisure comes easily with the natural attractions within easy reach: mountains and canyons, vast nature parks, spa resorts, rivers that are great locations for all sports. And for lakes and mountain lovers, tourism and accommodation resorts  are only one to two hour’s drive away. Moreover Skopje offers a vast number of occasions for entertainment and days out, with a fully-packed diary of events.


Between the mountains and the plains, the region offers the enchanting landscape  of the most loved by the inhabitants of Skopje – mountains Vodno and Skopska Crna Gora with a lot of natural and protected areas, valleys, and rivers. There are a large number of protected areas: from the Jasen park to canyon Matka and lake Kozjak, from city park forest Gazi Baba and protected natural park – memorial of nature Ostrovo and Arboretrum to the Katlanovo swamp. The  beautiful landscape of  Kitka mountain,  and the protected banks of the river Vardar passing by the length of Skopje’s valley  connecting the river Matka and Pchinja. At the city mountain of Vodno there is a plenty of walking and mountain-bike paths as well as gondola for those who like directly to transfer itself to the top of the mountain, with excellent  points for enjoying the landscape of city of Skopje. At the city park forest Gazi Baba there are an excellent conditions for sport and recreation with prepared running path and installed gym exercising equipment in a wonderful area of 100 ha of flora and fauna..


The Skopje’s region offers numerous facilities for almost  all sorts of sport: from winter sports to football, from swimming to hiking and tennis. Whatever your interests and preferences, Skopje’s region  has the most welcoming localities and facilities for weekends or for the evening at the end of a day of work. Some of the sport  facilities are:

1.    Boris Trajkovski Sport’s Centre  -
2.    Kale Sport’s Centre
3.    Jane Sandanski  Sport’s Centre
4.    Sport’s Centre Zelezara
5.    Sport’s Centre Hipodrom
6.    Sport’s Centre Saraj
7.    Rabotnicki Sport’s Centre
8.    Sport’s  Centre of Football Federation of Macedonia
9.    Forza Sport’s Centre
10.    Sport’s Centre Filip II

And many other sport halls, tennis courts, small football and basketball fields within all parts of the Skopje’s region, especially in the  municipality of Gazi Baba – Skopje.


In Skopje, as in all of Macedonia, the great traditions of local cuisine have been maintained and in some cases rediscovered and revitalized. These are accompanied by the peerless vintage wines of the vineyard regions in Macedonia.

The healthy and fresh food from the vegetable and fruit fields in skopje’s and other Macedonian regions is always part of every family or restaurant meal. Especially the salad culture of skopje’s residents is well known all around the world and recognized  by every tourist guest in our  city. Here we would like to add the magnificent appetizers -  ajvar, malidzano, pindjur, lutenica and winter torshi or mixed pickles prepared from fresh vegetables served as prolonged meze in combination of all kinds of salty pies and cheese.

The combination of traditional fasting food  and all kinds of vegetarian food and lake fish is unique experience you can taste in every home and restaurant in our city and skopje’s region.  Accompany with already well known Macedonian wines you will experience exceptional flavor.

In Skopje you can taste all kinds of meat, usually pork and beef, especially lamb meat prepared on traditional way with irresistible look and taste is melt in your mouth. Its specific taste and quality comes from the rich and clean pastures in Macedonia. This food require heavier wines as Vranec, Prokupec or Kratoshija.

And you cannot avoid the well known skopje’s sweet food you can taste in every restaurant and home in our city.

In other words, in our city you can enjoy in all tastes and flavors of our food and wines.

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