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Wednesday 20 February 2019


The knowledge-based economic development that generates high added value is one of the priorities for future development. The ICT (Information and communications technology) industry is fastest growing economic sector with annual growth of 47% over the last five years.

The main areas of specialization for Macedonian enterprises are software development and re-engineering, information system design, hardware, telecommunication services,  and others.

At the IT market, hardware is the largest market segment with 62% of the market and annually growth rate of 84,7%, then following by IT services with 25,6% of the market and in the third place is packaged  software with 13% of the total market and 8,2% yearly growth rate.

In 2011 it was already accountable for $178.98 million turnover, $56.31 m of exports and employed more than 2000 people.

Macedonia has an excellent supply of well-educated IT experts at among the lowest labor costs in the region. Some 500 IT graduates are produced annually in the Universities. A software engineer with 1 to 2 years experience costs from €500 to €600 net per month.

At the territory of the Skopje’s region there is a plenty of international companies frrom IT sector, such as: Seavus (Sweden), Netcetera (Switzerland), M Soft (France), 6PM (UK/Malta), which successfully developing software in Macedonia for the export market and others are providing 24/7 telephone customer support for major multi-national IT companies.

The telecommunication system is the first class and is regarded as the best in the region.

Here we can mention some of the biggest companies which operate in the telecommunication sector: T-home (Deutschland), Telesmart (Macedonia), Blizoo (Austria), T-mobile (Deutschland), VIP (Austria), One (Slovenia), and many others.

The leading cooperation association in the sector is the MASIT – IT Chamber of Commerce.

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