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Wednesday 20 February 2019


This industry is in the initial phase of its development in our municipality with equally present private and state health sector.

In the private sector we have two private hospitals – one general hospital Remedika – , the first private general hospital in the Republic of Macedonia founded in the early 2005, with total surface of 5300m2 and located in the green surroundings of the park forest Gazi Baba,at only 3km from the city downtown. Their main focus is gynecology and obstetrics, in – vitro fertilization, neonatology and pediatrics, anesthesia and intensive care, radiology, surgery and diagnostics.

The second private hospital is ophthalmology hospital Corneamedica – , opened in the 2010. It is located at the logistic area of the municipality also very close to the city downtown.

Also in the private health sector there are a lot of dental and primary health ordinations which are very well positioned on the market.

In a state sector there are two general policlinics, Health center Zelezara with the center for dialysis, located also at the green surroundings of the park forest Gazi Baba,  and Health Center Chento, located in the settlement Chento near to the urban park Boris Trajkovski.

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