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Wednesday 20 February 2019


Municipality of Gazi Baba is at the crossroads of the European development axes connected with the pan – European corridors 10 and 8, in a central position of the crossroads between Southeastern Europe and Central and Eastern Europe. This geographic position supported by transport network and excellent infrastructures make Skopje region and municipality of Gazi Baba of significant logistical interest.

Major construction is underway in Skopje’s region for new works and improvements to existing ones, all part of a massive investment programme (more you can see on the web sites,  and ).

Municipality of Gazi Baba with the Pan – European corridor X (length of 1076km motorway – Bregana, Slovenian border – Zagreb (Croatia) – Belgrade (Serbia) – Skopje (Macedonia) – Bogorodica (Greek border)) and corridor X D (length of 117 km Skopje – Veles – Bitola – Medzitlija (Greek border)) is connected with Central and Eastern Europe (Austria, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Czech, Slovakia, Poland and with South and Southeastern Europe and their seaports (Greece, Turkey).

By the route 6 ( length of 259 km - Skopje (Macedonia) – Prishtina (Kosovo under UNSCR 1244/99) -  Ribarice (Serbia) – Ribarevina (Montenegro)), Skopje and Municipality of Gazi Baba is connected with route 1 ( length of 703 km - Bar (Montenegro) – Dubrovnik (Croatia) –  Neum (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Ploce (Croatia) - Split (Croatia) – Bosiljevo (Croatia)) and route 7 (length of 345 km – Lezhe (Albania) – Prishtina (Kosovo under UNSCR 1244/99) – Doljevac (Serbia)).

Over the Pan – European corridor VIII ( length of 725 km – Tirana/Durres/Vlore (Albania) – Skopje (Macedonia) – Devebair (Bulgarian border)), Municipality of Gazi Baba – Skopje is connected with Albania on the west and by its seaports to the Italy and Mediteranian markets and with Bulgaria on the east and by its seaports with Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Middle-East by the Bosfor’s Channel.

At a distance of only 17 km to the municipality of municipality of Gazi Baba is located the Macedonian airport “Aleksandar the Great” operating by the concessioner TAV Airports of Turkey.
The Skopje’s airport ( ) has a capacity of 4 million passengers with parking places for 1200 cars and 6 buses.

Skopje’s Airport - Aleksandar The Great

Skopje’s airport also offers cargo services:
• Cargo handling for passenger aircraft,
• Cargo handling for cargo aircraft,
• Road feeder service (RFS) for air and other cargo.

All these activities are carried out in accordance with IATA standards.
• Handling cargo and mail,
• Handling special shipments (DG, VAL, AVI, etc.),
• Document preparation,
• X-ray examination of goods,
• Customs control,
• Border inspection control,
• Servicing of transit shipments by truck/aircraft,
• other services by arrangement.

Logistics services
The Cargo Operations carries out logistics services before and after air transport (landside handling):
• Preparation of shipments for air transport,
• Customs warehousing,
• Repackaging of goods.

The Cargo Operations is located at Skopje Alexander the Great Airport, with a direct connection to highway E-75.

Distances from major destinations
Belgrade (Serbia) 420 km
Sofia (Bulgaria) 250 km
Tirana (Albania) 230 km
Thessalonica (Greece) 230 km
Athens (Greece) 700 km
Zagreb ( Croatia) 815 km
Prishtina (Kosovo) 90 km
Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 450 km

Capacity and equipment
The Cargo Centre occupies a covered storage area of 2700 m², and possesses equipment for handling air cargo, as well as equipment for loading and unloading an aircraft. Refrigerated storage space for perishable goods is also available. The capacity of the Cargo Centre can meet the demands of even large air cargos.
They have a high security system (24 hour video supervision) and information centre that ensures exceptionally high quality of its services.

Skopje’s airport cargo terminal

Municipality of Gazi Baba – Skopje is well connected with the railway infrastructure from the Corridor X ( length of 1,177 km - Savski Marof (Slovenian border) — Zagreb (Croatia) — Belgrade (Serbia) — Skopje (Macedonia) — Gevgelija (Greek border)) and from Corridor VIII (planned length for 617 km, of which 411 km exist at present - Tirana/ Durres/ Vlore (Albania) — Lin/ Pogradec (Albania) Kicevo (Macedonia) — Skopje — Kumanovo (Macedonia) Kumanovo (Macedonia) — Kriva Palanka (Macedonia) — Deve Bair (Bulgarian border). Within the municipality of Gazi Baba there is a widespread railway trucks and lines to the eastern industrial zone and industrial zone Zelezara, as well as railway industrial transport customs check point in the settlement Trubarevo.

At the territory of the municipality of Gazi Baba is located the headquarter of the telecom company Telesmart Telekom ( ). Telesmart Telekom’s node is the first Macedonian node which is connected directly through high speed 70Gbit/s link to the one of the biggest and the most significant European nodes - Interxion node in Wien and Itenos in Frankfurt. The company’s collocation centre SET (Skopje’s Exchange Teleroom) is the perfect place for collocation and interconnection services like PoP and vPoP for operators. They provide companies, carriers and providers with (an) efficient marketplace for integrated broadband and communication services.
Also the presence of many competitive nationwide telecommunication and mobile operators ( , ), especially T-home Telecommunication company (, makes Skopje’s region and whole Macedonia a place with a highest density of fibre optic cabling, reaching almost the total broadband coverage, with a huge range of telecommunication, internet and mobile products, services, networks and infrastructure.
The Public Enterprise Macedonian Broadcasting have finalizing the process of installation of infrastructure equipment for the DVB – T multiplex signal. The equipment will be installed on the whole Macedonian territory on 46 existing broadcasting points by utilization of the same aerial systems and foundations and the energetic systems of the PE Macedonian Broadcasting.

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