Car rally

This event occurs every year in November. Everyone who owns a registered motor vehicle and a driving license can apply to compete in this rally. The start and the end is on the square in Avtokomanda, while the route is on the territory of Gazi Baba. The rally is devided in two parts, and the competitors are separated in different categories: serial vehicles, media, importers, old-timers and women. This rally also includes an exhibition of old-timers.

International Karate tournament “Gazi Baba”

The tournament is held traditionally every year, in the last 8 years in the settlement Madzari in Gai Baba. More than 500 children from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Slovakia are competing in in individual and team competitions. The winners get medals and prizes. There is a special award “Philip II” for the most attractive kymi in female and male category.