International Folklore Festival

The international Folklore Festival was launched in 2010 within “Gazi Baba Summer of Culture.”

Folk ensembles and societies from all over the world took part in the festival and represented their folklore and cultural traditions.
“Jonce Hristovski” is the project holder and the host of the ensemble of folk songs and dances.   

The Great Mother

As of 2011 the “Great Mother Event” has been taking place every first Sunday of May (Mother’s Day).

Various culture, art and creativity projects are carried out within this event.   

April fool’s day

Every year the municipality of Gazi Baba celebrates April Fool’s Day. Kindergarten and elementary school children take part in the masquerade. Furthermore, a cultural and entertainment program is organized for the youngest residents.

Presentation of traditional garments, songs and instruments

The surpassing beauty of the Macedonian traditional garments, the original sound of musical instruments and the songs of the Macedonian vocal artists, united by the beautiful nature of Skopska Crna Gora, will draw you near the endless beauties of Macedonia.