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Thursday 19 September 2019

Doing Business

The Municipality of Gazi Baba, as part of the City of Skopje and one of its ten municipalities, is recognized by the wider public as an industrial municipality where some larger companies are located from the field of pharmaceutics, metal processing industry, food processing and FMCG industry, agro-industry, logistics, beer industry, soft drinks, wine and other. As regards the adjustment of municipal strategic determinants with spatial and economic development of the city and the region; the incentive toward the local economy and the creation of favorable business environment, a larger number of activities have been initiated and implemented in the municipality:

1. Spatial regeneration of separate spatial sections of the municipality:

• Urbanization of the settlement Keramidnica, where collective residential blocks are planned to be made and light un-polluted industry
• Stimulation of investments in light industry sections (retail, distribution centers and residential sections) in the area of former factory Kozara
• Regeneration and re-urbanization of Eastern Industrial Zone (industrial park MZT and the area that gravitates around the industrial park) and the industrial park Zelezara
• Development of a new industrial zone surrounding the northern ring road of the city of Skopje, an area of 270 hectares – mainly intended for light un-polluted and sub-contracting industry, logistics, transport and customs terminal, small and big business and trading units,

2. Development of the first and only auto camp in the territory of Skopje and the Skopje region of northern city ring road area by attracting direct investments, concerning the valorization of the transit tourism and promotion of rural and alternative tourism in the region of Skopska Crna Gora,

3. Development of the sport and recreational centre Hipodrom via its spatial regeneration and re-urbanization
with final aim to attract direct investments, which will valorize the economic and business potential of this centre,

4. Development of an integrated business – congress – trade – commercial – entertainment – exhibition building in the area of Skopje Fair with an impact on the wider regional space for customers (Skopje – Pristina – Nis – Sofia – Thessaloniki),

5. Development of individual residential zones in the city’s periphery in terms of creating a new concept of qualitative individual housing according to global and contemporary trends for this type of housing.

6. Creation of a modern information system through digitalization of municipal services and information:

• The final phase of the development of the web platform GIS of the Municipality of Gazi Baba
• The final phase of the development of the portal Invest In MGB
• The initial phase of the development of the Business Information Centre
• Active system e-Building permits
• Active system e-Construction land

7. Continuous partner relationship building of the municipality with the business community in terms of creating a favorable business environment:

• Established and active Economic and Social Council, composed of representatives of the business community, trade unions and municipal representatives,
• Delivery of a Municipal Business Forum touching upon issues and topics of interest for the business community aimed to target the triple helix concept,
• Established Consortium COSSME MK (representatives of the academic community, the business and public sector) striving for arranged and strategic access to European funs from the COSME and HORIZON 2020 Programmes,
• Founded Centre for the Young and NGO focused on youth and women in the exchange of skills and knowledge for better positioning at the Labour Market
• Support for the YES Incubator through financial support to start up companies as an incentive for the entrepreneurial spirit among the young.
• Partnership with the business community pertaining to the stimulation of social responsibility in order to support the community where companies operate.
• Establishment of a Business Information Centre so as to meet all needs, provide information and services to the business sector in a single office point in the municipality.
These are solely some of the strategic determinants and activities implemented by the Municipality, as far as the creation of a favorable business environment of the Municipality of Gazi Baba is concerned.

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